Kapalit ng Vitamin C



SHORTAGE OF VITAMIN C. People tend to switch to fruits rich in Vitamins C to maintain good immune functions in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak although it is vital for health, it has little evidence that taking large amount of Vitamin C can cure COVID-19. Photo shows that this individuals cramp on a fruit vendor in Sierra Madre St. in Mandaluyong City defying public orders on Social Distancing just to get their hands on a handful of fruits.




Meanwhile ,Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has ordered the Code Red Covid-19 action plan,addressed to Manila residents that a budget was set aside for senior citizens who are most vulnerable to the deadly corona virus or COVID-19.A Skeletal force of the Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Office personnels will be deployed. Sanitation and Health office will report for work.
The budget also includes purchasing new Medical Equipment,Information Dissemination,Medicines,Foods and Water.BENJAMIN CUARESMA