SCIENCE and enough knowledge thereof seem to have a competitive edge in any fields of endeavor, utilizing its fervent fruit which is Technology often get the upper hand over crude and ancient methodologies and adapting to Innovation sets the bar for excellence.

This more or less the case in Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela in view of the recently concluded CAMANAVA S&T FAIR and EXHIBIT 2017 held at the amphitheater part of the new government center in Malinta, the City of Valenzuela last Sept. 5, 2017.

Almost all attached agencies under the DOST were present at the fair with bazaars and promotional stuff coming from the DOST, SETUP beneficiaries and at the remaining 3 cities. The city must have dug a gem in the Industrialists Gatchalian Brothers though before them in the helm, the city has been prosperous enough but with them it became more semi science driven.

With the help of DOST NCR through SETUP and CEST, important industries that thrive within the fringes of this former border town of Bulacan will end up realizing a successful and prosperous future.

MEANWHILE, in a quick press conference held at the launching of the first and only Automated Complementary Baby Food production Facility at the Valenzuela Polytechnic College asked amid the ballooning number of malnourished children in Caloocan, Malabon and Navotas Cities, the DOST NCR picked Valenzuela to be the home of the first fully automated complementary baby food production facility and DOST NCR Director Jose B. Patalinjug III categorically and proudly says that “they were the only one who accepted us” it only goes to show that indeed Valenzuela recognizes the importance of science, accepts new technologies and adapts through current innovations for them to fully understand the importance of minimal human intervention in industrial production.

Aided also by the academe and the chamber of commerce and industry, the machine used is one of a kind and specially designed for the product intended.

The MIRDC and TAPI sees to it that the fabricated machine can cope up with the stresses of volume production and will have no problem dealing with copyright infringements as not to hamper the flow of production.

Industry in the city has indeed come a long way from its manual beginnings, from the famous owner type jeep backyard manufacturing to steel mills, plastic products manufacturers housed in simple warehouses, lead by prominent industrialist family which were both entrepreneurs and public servants, industrialization equates to education and business opportunities for the betterment of all.


CAMANAVA has this unique reputation of becoming a “water world” when high tides and slight strong downpours. But it has underwent rapid changes and adapts to the modern times.

Building new and more resilient and adaptive infrastructure paved the way for the influx of people entering to and from neighboring towns and cities hoping to get a slice of the pie or the job and business opportunities waiting inside a former border town of Bulacan.

Scientific data shows that climate change is here and are going to stay. More scary scenarios often bombard the populace through paid media and press aimed at creating a doomsday epoch that could frightened the hell out of people in places like Valenzuela along with Caloocan, Malabon and Navotas which were strategically located on the mouth of Manila bay.

Disaster Management, flood mitigation and adaptation are programs of the city in a bid to help citizens minimize and or totally eliminate casualties in times of disasters like floods. With the help of DOST NCR, the future of business through SETUP and CEST, disaster mitigation and adaptation, the installation of STARBOOKS and other equally important endeavors through proper education, training and implementation made clear that amidst the flood, they (people of Valenzuela) would rise above the water. (Mary Jane “MJ” Olvina-Balaguer, 09053611058, ).