Doc Meddie and HICC:  Healing that Cares—The Future of Medicine Now!

Doc Meddie and HICC:  Healing that Cares—The Future of Medicine Now!     By :  Mt Camilo M Villanueva, Jr.

Can we foretell our futures? Health-wise can we foresee what’s going to happen to our bodies? Honestly, not even doctors can do that. But there is one thing—and many other things—that doctors can help you with for you to ascertain what’s going to be good for your overall health.

“Doc, help me cure myself,” says Imelda “Doc Meddie” S Edodollon, MT, MD, NMD, “is what all of us should be saying; instead of saying, ‘Doc, cure me.’ Why? Because for every patient there is a doctor inside. We only need to tap that doctor inside us.”

True to her word, Doc Meddie promotes “self-empowerment instead of dependency” at her Holistic Integrative Care Center (HICC), a unique clinic that offers integrative medicine—“a smart combination of conventional medicine with evidence-based alternative medicine”—under the tagline “Healing that Cares.”

Doc Meddie is the Medical Director of HICC which promotes the fusion of conventional or traditional Western medicine and alternative or Eastern medicine as the most effective way to help patients suffering chronic diseases heal themselves and help those who are healthy maintain their health and firm up their systems. “This holistic and integrative approach is the future of medicine—and we are doing it now!” averred Doc Meddie.

Thus, Lea Michelle “has been reaping the benefits of HICC’s personalized treatment plans since September”; Len TriniMom “is thankful for the excellent care of Doc Meddie, Chef Arlene, and all the staff of HICC who never failed to make her parents feel comfortable and positive during the treatments”; and, Ellen F, “after integrative medicine treatment, diet and lifestyle change, noticed that I no longer experience heartburn; after four sessions of Detox Therapy, I have better sleep, increased energy level, stronger immune system, clearer skin, and shinier hair! My cholesterol level decreased, too, and have encouraged my husband and mother to try it—and they have both been very satisfied.”

This could be expected becuse Doc Meddie, after all, is one of her kind in Philippine medicine. She is to reckon with and taken seriously having studied Functional Medicine at the Functional Medicine University, mastered Ozone Therapy with Dr Robert Rowen, studied Ozone Therapy—Major in Autohemotherapy and Minor in Prolozone at the American Academcy of Ozonotherapy ,Gerson Therapy at the Gerson Institute ,Heavy Metal Toxicology, Inner Dance at the Energy School, Wholeness Program at Wellness land Health Institute, Pranic Healing and International Medical School of Integrative Medicine.  These on top of her MD from the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center..

Part of that caring is Doc Meddie’s continuous professional development and certifications here and abroad alongside HICC’s continually evolving clinic, physical renovation, and service expansion efforts. “We are always on the lookout for better and more effective  integrative therapies from all over the world. We are proud to open   the Nutriment Center for patients from faraway places to heal, learn, and recover.”

Among the happy clientele of HICC’s special brand of healing is Dennis E’s father. After doctors at the ICU said they could no longer guarantee his dad’s safety after he survived a deadly bout with heart, kidney, and lung failure, the family resorted to HICC’s Detox Therapy. “Just after a few sessions, I can see my dad getting stronger and stronger, in time his stamina strengthened and his health is restored like he is ten years younger. His doctors say he is in better condition now than the time he was discharged. Very efficient!”

“Aside from our Body Scan, which points out the body’s lacks and excesses,” Doc Meddie continues, “we have Blood Vessel Scan from Germany, iTOVi Scan from the United States, and the Zyto Scan from Ireland.”

The success of HICC’s various therapies had been overwhelming. For instance, A. Mendez remarks, “I was given Chelation Therapy and after the first session, the wounds on my skin that are long there have disappeared, my allergy episodes have decreased, and I feel lighter every day.” Doc Meddie recommended she undergo the Quantum Analyzer, which revealed high heavy metal content in her body.

Doc Meddie, who is the only Filipino doctor internationally certified by the American Academy of Ozone Therapy and the Gerson Institute, also does Ozone and Prolozone Therapy for chronic illness and pain and Gerson Therapy for cancer cases on top of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for healing tissues and Chelation Therapy for cleaning clogged arteries.

Jeng Trinidad is another happily recovered patient, who at 71 years old, is super grateful for the kind of care that HICC has given her when she was administered Ozone Therapy. “After three treatments, I experienced being PAIN FREE which is equivalent to a HAPPY and HEALTHY Life. Chelation Therapy, on the other hand, has boosted my energy—I never thought I would FEEL and LOOK YOUNGER as side effects!”

“Health is balance inside and outside of the body,” Doc Meddie explains. “Imbalance results in sickness—so, we have to restore that balance to treat the root cause of diseases.” Thus, HICC’s clientele include not only the afflicted but also the healthy, those coming in to maintain health and beauty.

Renato Sio summed the HICC experience, thus: “I learned that Nutrition is both part of diagnosis and treatment and that there are several options both oral and intravenous for integration with normal protocols allowing quicker healing. The latest tools and research are available from Doc Meddie due to her regular seminars here and abroad. Her staff are competent and friendly making any visit pleasant.

An epitome of physical beauty and talent is HICC’s Brand Ambassador Ronnie Liang—a Pinoy Dream Academy alumnus and Viva talent (he has appeared in Fan Boy, Fan Girl and 100 Tula para kay Stella) best known for the hit song “Sa Iyong Ngiti”—who advocates eating healthy for healthy living.

“We should never forget what our parents have taught us ever since we’re kids—‘Eat your vegetables!’” Ronnie beams, proving that often the problem is not that hard to solve. “We need to overcome our desires and strive for clean and wholesome living.”

“Medicines are there to help the body heal, but at the end of the day it is still the body’s capacity to heal that spells the difference,” Ronnie continues, pointing out that new technology and medical intervention are there only to aid the body. “We need to help ourselves. As US President Kennedy once said, ‘Man created the problem, man should solve it,” he muses. “Aside from God’s blessings, we need enough rest and sleep, the right food, and exercise–`What you sow, you reap!’”

NOW can you confidently say you can already see your future? Honestly say that your future—at least, health-wise—is well within your hands and at arm’s reach?  You should with HICC and Doc Meddie around to help you ascertain what’s going to be good for you—now and in the future!!!