Energy China Released the “Energy China Serves the Philippines Sustainable Development Report 2022”

Energy China recently released the second edition of the Energy China Serves the Philippines Sustainable Development Report 2022. The report aims to present the achievements Energy China has made in fulfilling its economic, environmental, and social responsibilities in the Philippines by the end of 2022, as well as its pursuit of sustainability in management and practice.  

With a special focus on the China-Philippines partnership, the report has four sections under the following themes: “Scientific Management and Value Creation”, “Promoting Economic Growth and Improving People’s Livelihoods”, “Environmental Protection and Green Development”, and “Serving Communities and Creating a Better Future”. The report systematically summarizes the active contributions Energy China has made in governance and business practices, advancing economic growth, guaranteeing people’s well-being and interests, promoting green development, and serving communities. It showcased the great enthusiasm, experience, and expertise of Energy China needed to solve any challenges.

The report shows that since it started to carry out business collaboration in the Philippines 26 years ago, Energy China has built and operated nearly 70 projects, which cover areas such as green energy, energy supply, infrastructure upgrading, promotion of clean sources of water, and employment. Energy China has always shown great dedication to the Philippine market and tailored its strategies to meet the unique needs of the Philippines for its economic and social progress. The Kaliwa Dam, the flagship project of the Philippines’ “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure program, which was constructed by Energy China, is expected to hold a discharge capacity of 600 million liters per day, intended to supply Metro Manila. It will help alleviate the water shortage in this area, making active contributions to the social development, economic growth, and environmental sustainability of the local communities.

The report also elaborated on Energy China’s progress in promoting green development in the Philippines, by actively taking part in activities for afforestation, tending to environmental protection, and public welfare. The company joined the pledge of a commitment ceremony of the “Million Trees” project held in Quezon City in June 2022, vowing to plant 25,000 trees in the Philippines in 2022, to contribute to its effort to make the country’s skies bluer, mountains greener, water cleaner, and ecological environment better.

Energy China will continue to contribute to the social and economic development of the local community, focus on delivering major infrastructure projects key to improving people’s livelihoods, strive to build a beautiful, harmonious, and shared society, and promote cooperation and mutual benefits.