Manila, Philippines-THERE are several ways of getting rid of pollution in our waterways. First is getting rid of solid, liquid waste and regular dredging. All of these methods are indeed very effective despite the fact that some of them especially dredging also are quite expensive for the taxpayers to bare.

Nature, they say often heals itself and in the series “life after people” aired over a foreign cable channel, it says that when we’re no longer around, our hand made structures will be eaten up by the jungle. Indeed it’s a staggering fact now in places like the Angkor Wat in Cambodia just to name a place.

Here at home, private companies like the Bio Sperans Corporation headed by their President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Erwin B. Navarez with his Microbiologist Raymond T. Mogul teams up with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) on the Pasig River Rehabilitation Program by which their homegrown technology are liquid microbes that would literally eat up the pollutants that create methane and essentially repopulating and colonizing the filthy waterways eventually rejuvinating it so the introduction of life may start again.

First application of their product “bio Solution” is 30 tons liquid microbes organic and natural are dumped at three points of the 1 kilometer Estero de Magdalena namely Claro M Recto Avenue, Dela Torre Street and Meyhaligue Street tagged as one of the dirtiest Pasig River tributaries in Manila due to the Informal Settler Families along the banks.
The company also stated in an interview that another plus of their solution is that it doesn’t accumulate silt, contributes to the occasional flooding on these parts of the capital city when strong typhoon and tropical depression occur .

The agency of the DENR that is handling the river rehabilitation now is the Pasig River Coordinating and Management Office under ASec. Joan Lagunda as OIC Executive Director with her Environment Management Engineer Karl Katalbas and the River Warriors at the frontline.

The technologies of bio remediation isn’t new and the government has been doing it to pasig river since the time of former President Fidel V. Ramos by which his wife, the First Lady Emelita “Ming” Ramos headed the program “pasiglahin ang pasig”

Since then remarkable changes has been made in the entirety of the river that historically became the connection between the Manila Bay to Laguna De Bay, and with this technology of Bio Sperans Corporation and the government (DENR) the Pasig will return to its pristine state full of life and beauty.///Michael Balaguer, 09262261791,